Breakfast & After School Club

At Walkington Den our aim is to provide Wrap Around Care which supports working families by providing a safe, healthy and purposeful environment for pupils from 8:00am to 8:45am and 3.30pm to 6:00pm on school days.

In a morning we offer a variety of cereals, a drink, and the children thoroughly enjoy a slice of hot buttered toast or two.

After school we offer a variety of sandwiches 2 quarters of cheese, ham or jam. A yoghurt Frube, piece of fruit, biscuit and a drink of their choice. This is just to stop rumbling tummies but not enough to take away meal times with your family.

Our children thoroughly enjoy being with their friends and the leaders at the Den. There are lots of crafts and toys to keep the children entertained from jigsaws to cars, dolls and Lego. In the nice weather we venture out on to the playground or field for fun with footballs, bouncy hopers or just chilling on the play equipment. On dull days we play sports games in the hall, such as dodgeball which goes down a treat.

Please feel free to contact Mrs Ostler our Walkington Den coordinator via email or on 07447617907 to come and take a look at what we offer.

Further information

“Playing football and playing with friends.”

What we like most about the Den

“Playing football with Mr Ostler and tiring him out.”

What we like most about the Den

“Get to eat lots of yummy food.”

What we like most about the Den

“Get to go outside and colour.”

What we like most about the Den