A message from Chris Howard, Chair of Governors…

On behalf of the Governing Body at Walkington Primary School I would like to take this opportunity to say that it is a privilege to be involved in such a successful and well thought of school.

Governors at Walkington have a very good understanding of the school and continue to work hard to build effective relationships with the whole school community so that they can make decisions that further drive school improvement.

The Governing Body at Walkington has always had a very strong sense of working as a team, that team including all staff and parents at the school, with the main aim of providing the very best possible outcomes for each individual child.

The Governors are passionate around the aim to be a known, visible presence in the everyday life of Walkington School and to be effective ambassadors.

We fully embrace the ethos of the school and we are fully involved in the drive for further school improvement. We do this by being an effective strategical decision making body and also acting as the necessary critical friend.

I hope that the information we have provided to you helps to explain the role of governors in the life of the school and has also provided an introduction to those of you who have not yet met us. We all look forward to seeing you around school and at future school events.

Contacting Governors

• Any concerns should firstly be directed to the Head Teacher either by letter of by making an appointment to meet.
• If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors or any other governor please contact by letter via the clerk to the Governors at the school office

Our School Governors

Chris HowardFinance & General Purposes
Site, Buildings and Health & Safety
Performance Review (Review Officer)
Teaching and Learning
Chair of Governors
Educational Visits
Training Link
ICT Curriculum Leadership Team -(CLT)
Nigel PentonFinance and General Purposes (Chair)
Performance Review
Vice Chair of Governors
Child Protection & Safeguarding
Chris BulloughFinance and General Purposes
Site, Buildings and Health & Safety
Teaching and Learning
Peter DuffieldFinance and General Purposes
Performance Review
Knowledge and Understanding of the World CLT
Chris DunnachieSite, Buildings and Health & Safety (Chair)
Performance Review
Arts CLT
William HartleyFinance & General Purposes
Site, Buildings and Health & Safety
Knowledge and Understanding of the World CLT
Chris DayPersonnel (Chair)
Learning and Teaching
Health and Safety CLT
Paul AndrewLearning and TeachingArts CLT Disadvantaged Champion
Andrew Doyletbctbc
Sarah CaddellLearning and TeachingSTEM CLT
Rachel GoodwinLearning and TeachingAssistant Headteacher
Knowledge and Understanding of the World CLT
Elaine MaltonTeaching Assistant

Governors Interests

GovernorsRelevant business interestsOther education establishments governedRelationships with other governors or staff
Chris HowardNoneNoneNone
Nigel PentonNoneNone None
Chris BulloughNoneNone None
Peter DuffieldNoneNoneNone
Chris DunnachieNoneNone None
William HartleyNoneNone None
Chris DayNoneNoneNone
Andrew DoyleNoneNoneNone
Rachel GoodwinNoneNoneNone
Elaine MaltonNoneNoneNone
Paul AndrewNoneNoneNone
Sarah CaddellNoneNoneNone

Attendance at Meetings


GovernorsAutumn 2019Spring 2019Summer 2020
Chris HowardPresent - In the ChairPresent - In the ChairPresent - In the Chair
Nigel PentonPresent PresentPresent
Chris BulloughPresentPresentPresent
Peter DuffieldPresentPresentApologies
Chris DunnachieApologiesApologiesPresent
William HartleyPresentPresentPresent
Chris DayPresentPresentApologies
Melonie BlighPresentPresentResigned
Rachel GoodwinPresentPresentPresent
Elaine MaltonPresentPresentPresent
Paul AndrewPresentPresentPresent
Sarah CaddellPresentAologiesPresent
Andrew DoyleN/AN/APresent

Why do we have a Governing Body and what does it do?

The government made it compulsory for each school in England and Wales to have a governing body. The Governing Body is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the school and for ensuring that all those connected with it are working together to raise standards.

The Governing Body has many responsibilities including:

• Selecting and appointing the Head Teacher
• Making sure that the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special educational needs and disabilities
• Overseeing how the school uses its money and the upkeep of the buildings
• Ensuring that the school complies with legislation
• Promoting a high standard of educational achievement by monitoring school standards and ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum
• Ensuring that parents receive statutory information
• Ensuring fairness in disputes
• Maintaining good relationships between the school and the community it serves
• Acting as critical friend, supporting and challenging to drive school improvement

The Governing Body has legal responsibilities and duties which it is held accountable for. Their effectiveness is inspected as part of an Ofsted inspection.

Where do our Governors come from?
The members of our Governing Body team are valued volunteers bringing together a wide variety of skills, experience and expertise for the benefit of our school. Our school has different types of governors to ensure a wide representation of views. Their term of office is usually for four years.

How are the Governors involved in school life?
The Governing Body meet as a full team once every term. There are also smaller committees that meet outside of the Full Governing Body meetings to focus on specific areas of the school in more detail to then report back to the full Body. Our Committees are:

• Finance and General Purposes
• Personnel
• Site, Buildings and Health & Safety
• Performance Review
• Teaching and Learning

Named Governors also take a special interest in certain aspects of school life e.g. curriculum subjects, special educational needs (SEN) and child protection (CP) and all Governors are linked to specific phases within school. As part of their role they work with school staff to support, challenge and hold them to account.
Governors Interests

Governors – resignations

NameDate of Resignation
Mr Andrew Holman22nd December 2017
Mrs Melonie Bligh20th February 2020