At Walkington School, we aim to create a holistic and broad learning experience that will be of benefit and value to our pupils long after they leave our care.  Furthermore, we recognise the role that our families play in this, and the rich learning opportunities that take place outside of the regular school day.

In line with our stated aim of ‘enabling pupils to get the most out of life’, we hope that they participate in a range of family and community activities throughout the year, and the feedback we get from our pupils suggests that this is indeed the case.  We also value the more formal role parents can play through their support of home learning.

We ask that you regularly read with your child, every day if possible while they are still progressing through our scheme.  Ideally you will not only hear your child practice the skills they are developing at school, but also discuss the books they bring home, and whenever possible make some time to read aloud to them.

As they move through the school and become more independent readers, we ask that you continue to engage in as many ways as you are able with their reading; if you would like further help or advice with this, please contact a member of school staff who will be very happy to help.

We also ask that you try and find regular time to help your child learn their spelling lists, and the times tables suggested by your child’s teachers.  If your child is confident with the tables up to 12×12 as they move towards the top end of the school, it really does make many other mathematical concepts much easier to grasp and master.

There will also be other times when we set tasks that will help pupils gain more from upcoming tasks, or perhaps consolidate what has recently been covered in school.  However, we do not operate a policy of scheduled weekly tasks; instead we believe that home learning should be set as and when it will add genuine value to what your child is doing in school.

On rare occasions, we may feel it is appropriate for a child to bring home a task, which for a specific reason has not been completed during a lesson.  Again, we ask for your support in the completion of this work.

We realise that every school has their own principles and expectations with regard to home learning, and that it is an area which will often divide parental opinion.  However, having operated this approach for a number of years, we believe the outcomes for pupils over time and the anecdotal reports of how our pupils cope with homework following their transfer to secondary school, we believe it meets the needs of our learners at this time.