Our Curriculum

At the heart of Walkington Primary School, lies a dynamic, knowledge-rich curriculum that provides children with all the necessary skills and attributes needed to be successful learners.

Building upon the objectives of the National Curriculum, with the East Riding RE syllabus and sport provisions, our curriculum fully equips the children with a breadth of knowledge and experience which enables them to leave primary education as well-rounded, confident individuals prepared for the modern world.

The diverse content delivered to our children is organised thematically with the whole school focusing on an overarching termly topic at a level appropriate for their age and stage of development. The whole school theme provides a common thread which runs throughout the school and is evident upon first entering the building. Each theme is visually and creatively represented around the school to reinforce the joint focus of learning. The continuity across the key stages promotes a collective understanding of the learning taking place within each classroom and unites the school, children and staff. Embedding the theme into every aspect of the school day, from the subjects taught, through assemblies, to the displays around the building, generates a really positive, whole school feel, and creates a common language amongst the children. This promotes engagement beyond the school day as children can relate to their siblings’ learning which encourages parents to become involved too, all of which encompass the ethos of Walkington School.

To date, Walkington Primary School has delivered 15 unique termly topics, all of which reflect events and experiences occurring around the world and that are relevant to our children’s lives. Each member of staff is equally responsible for devising a curriculum that meets the specific needs of our own community. Working as part of a developing concept of curriculum leadership teams, rather that singular subject leaders, out staff work hard to ensure an engaging and inspiring delivery of the theme across all subjects. Working in this way, ensures our dynamic curriculum meets the ever changing needs and interests of our children. Using fresh, current themes, unites the learning across the school, sparks curiosity and leaves our children with a thirst for knowledge and an eagerness to learn.

Further detail relating to what your child will learn in each class can be found in our termly Curriculum Summaries.