Welcome to the Class KR

We are a mixed Foundation and Yr 1 class and that means that we are 4, 5 and 6 years old.  In our class there are 25 children, at the moment, 6 Foundation Stage and 19 Year 1 .

Mrs Ratcliffe is our class teacher and we are very lucky to have Mrs Palin as our teaching assistant. She helps us with our individual and small group work and she also works with the whole class on other activities.

We have some routines in our class which we are sure you will already know about. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have a chance to change our reading book, if we have finished it at home or at school. We get new spellings every Friday to learn for the following week. Our P.E. sessions are on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings, so we need our P.E. kits at school on those days. Every Friday we have ‘Show and Tell’ before Open Door. This gives us a chance to bring in something of interest to show and tell the other children about. Some of us practise dances and songs to perform too!

We are encouraged to try our best every day, but sometimes someone stands out because of something he or she has done, which is extra special. When this happens we celebrate with a special sticker which we can wear home to show our family. When we all work together we receive class marbles which, when we have a total of 25, means that we can choose a whole morning or afternoon session of activities for ourselves.

FS children are encouraged to share any achievements at home through our ‘Learning Journey at Home’ display. They can write on a cloud or flower shaped paper and add it to the display which will form part of their learning journey over the year. FS children also have Me and My Family books which they can record exciting experiences in using pictures, drawing or writing. The children will share these books in class on a Friday.

You can read more about some of the things we are going to do in our Curriculum Summary.