Our Curriculum

Learning at Walkington School is centred around a termly thematic approach, with the whole school focusing on an overarching topic at a level appropriate for their age and stage of development. This way of working is the result of thoughtful and reflective evolution and improvement by the whole school team, and is a key component in delivering the consistently outstanding outcomes for children we have enjoyed over recent years.

Using one whole school theme and title, first adopted by the school during the summer of 2012, it is led by all staff through their engagement in various Curriculum Leadership Teams, and has been showcased by the Local Authority as a model of innovative and effective practice. In recent years the children have enjoyed exploring themes such as ‘Magic and Mystery’, ‘Out of this World’ and ‘On the Move’.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that our curriculum and actions promote our three main school aims:

• For all children to be successful learners
• For everyone to get the most out of life
• For every child to be self confident and like who they are

We believe this is reflected in both the way our pupils and staff interact, and the learning environment we create around school.

The focal points for each theme are the ten display boards in the school hall, which visually represent our topic and provide a relevant backdrop to our celebration and class assemblies.

The school blends together the statutory National Curriculum, the ‘Essentials’ objectives produced by Chris Quigley, and our own local context to produce a coherent and progressive unit of work relevant to our learners.

A recent external Basic Skills assessment found that:

A thematic, creative curriculum is developed by all staff and the common theme delivered across both key stages strengthens engagement, unifies the learning community and further enhances the outcomes of pupils….The ethos of ‘children front and centre’ is further enhanced through the structure of the curriculum into thematic areas (STEM, Arts, Understanding of the Wider World, Health & Physical Education), and the curriculum leadership teams who debate, discuss and plan comprehensive and engaging whole-school approaches to study…

Further detail relating to what your child will learn in each class can be found in our termly Curriculum Summaries.